Close Protection

Close Protection

  • In today’s world, senior business executives, government ministers and wealthy individuals are viewed as targets. Whether it would be from terrorist groups, activists or criminal activity.
  • DMF Security can provide exactly the sort of personal operative you need.Our close protection staff are highly trained and experienced Ex-Police (Special Branch) and Ex-Military Police (Close Protection Unit) Body Guards. You may prefer a highly visible bodyguard, someone who is clearly at your side at all times. In contrast, you may favor a discrete level of security so that those around you are unaware that you are being protected. However, no matter the style of service you prefer, be assured that your bodyguard will guarantee you are as safe and far away from danger as possible.
  • High level risk If a risk is deemed at high level, we would employ the SAP (Security Advanced Party) or PES team (Protected Escort Security) and of course security drivers. Where necessary we will vett and monitor staff and associated personnel. We will, if requested, conduct a full security audit of procedures and promises including electronic security.
  • Body Guard

A good bodyguard will not have to protect you if a situation arises because they will have already removed you from the threat. For DMF Security, close protection means getting the client out of danger, before they even realised there was a risk.

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